We can offer warehouse customer services in the Baltic states, Italy, Germany, Russia and China including all types of cargo operations.

  • Loading and unloading of goods of any volume.
  • Hand unloading.
  • Cargo storage with temperature requirements.
  • Pre-sale preparation of goods.
  • Control of the goods in stock.
  • Selection of goods in terms of storage time.

Our company is proud of its consistent work – we have a database of all our cargoes structured depending on their price, articles and weight. We offer an automated storage system, full or partial inventory.

Choosing us you can be sure that your goods are stored with all your requirements taken into account. We value our reputation and provide you with all necessary documents.

All cargo operations performed at our warehouse are recorded into our database. Every item is taken care of and we have never had any situations when even one piece was lost. You can be fully sure that your goods are in safe hands.

We guarantee safe storage of your goods and providing all transportation services. We perform all cargo operations professionally and on time. We value our reputation and our clients’ wishes and requirements are always the most important issue for us.