Being a sea agent our company collaborates with all leading sea and ocean lines which allow us to transport the goods via Asia, North America, Europe, the Mediterranean sea and Middle East. This also helps our specialists develop optimal routes and efficiently quote the freight rate from any part of the world.

The delivery is fulfilled to your final destination: your office, home or warehouse. We have signed contracts with leading sea lines. Depending on the peculiarities of your cargo we can offer two types of transportation: full container or consolidated shipment.

We also work with non-typical or out-of-gauge cargoes. Our managers can calculate the preliminary price of delivery taking into consideration your wishes. Our professional team will guarantee you the optimal route and delivery deadline.
We will deliver your goods to Russia by sea in the soonest time possible. We will optimize the route and provide you with a delivery schedule. You can track your goods during the whole period of transportation.

We value your time and wishes. Choosing us you can receive professional help and a free consultation regarding the best type of transportation. We guarantee that your goods will be delivered to you safe and sound and we will provide you with all necessary documents.