Our company deals with transportation of cargoes to Russia by means of railways as well. We also deliver industrial and commercial cargoes taking into consideration the peculiarity and fragility of the goods.

We develop the optimal route and give you the exact delivery time to your final destination. We also perform combined delivery: as far as the railway and car types of transportation can be combined, you will receive your goods straight to your home or office.

We constantly enlarge our range of services, thus we know how to shorten delivery time. We have our own lorry fleet (volume – 120 m3, cargo capacity – 22500 kg). We can perform an urgent delivery and deal with all customs formalities. The responsibilities of the carrier are insured for 300000 USD via CMR.

If you have difficulties in choosing the delivery type or time do not hesitate to call us. Our specialists will give you a free consultation and advise you the best option depending on the peculiarities of your goods.

Our work is fully consistent so you can track your cargo during the whole period of transportation. You can have a full control of your goods along the route and then receive all the legal documents necessary.