We also offer our clients transportation by plane. This type of transportation is very important when you need to have your goods delivered urgently.

We will ship your cargo to one of our consolidation warehouses in Europe, prepare all the necessary customs documents as promptly as possible and deliver the cargo to its final destination.

We provide our clients with all kinds of services: transportation, delivery and legal documentation. We will help you fill in a customs declaration correctly and inform you about main regulations and requirements.

You can save yourself the trouble of dealing with red tape duties as we will prepare all the customs documents as well as certificates by ourselves.

  • We transport valuable and out-of-gauge cargoes, perform an urgent delivery and effect the insurance and estimation of all cargoes.
  • When receiving your order for transportation our managers will give you the price and time of delivery to your final destination.

If you want to receive high-level services we can help you. We strictly stick to the delivery schedule and always inform you in case of any emergencies.